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The Society for Confraternity Studies: Listserv

The Society for Confraternity Studies now runs a Listserv (e-mail mailing list) for its members.

The address is as follows:

It takes only one simple email message to subscribe, and you will automatically receive all Confraternitas Listserv postings.

Example: Raphael Sanzio wishes to subscribe to the Confraternitas Listserv called "confrat". He enters his email account and addresses a message to:
Then he leaves the "Cc" "Attchmnt" and "Subject" lines blank. On the first line of the message, he writes
subscribe confrat Raffaello Sanzio
He does NOT include any signature, or any other information, but only the one line command mentioned above.

He then sends the message.

In a few minutes, he receives a confirmation message. Voilà. He is subscribed.

He will automatically receive notices and information relating to Confraternitas. Any time he wishes to inform all the members of the Confraternitas Listserv about important upcoming events, or ask questions, he only needs to send one email message to the following address:
and his message will automatically reach all the subscribers.

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